Summer Wheelie App Reviews

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Great game. Yall should make a winter version with snow machines. It would be great for a kickoff for winter


Its cool dont get me wrong but they should add a new feature where you can turn off the music and not the bike sound.. nothing can beat meek mills bikelife but this is a fun alternative

I love this game 😍❣️🤯😀

I love this game get it now


Good game but keep up the good work but just add sound

Muy recomendable

Para aquellos que aman las motos


Too many ads but the game is great


This game is awesome lol

العبا حلوا


Please read.


Better with ads

Got the game to show some love. now there is no ads. We lost the option to continue. Come on son

sik gnarle

it’s sik gnarle



Best game ever

I love this game so much it so addicting I love it


This is a DOPE game its cool to see how far long BIKELIFE culture has came pause!!! #RIP RAYRAY

Has potential

Need to be able to customize character, customize the bikes, and i think it should be easier to gain credits


That last update set the bar I’m officially addicted to this game and I don’t even download games on my phone






Haha hype game real cool!🤙🏼👍🏽


Best wheelie!!! Game I ever played!!!!💯💯😎

Ain’t even gotta tell ya

AD’s is all I gotta say.... lagging the game n shii😐

So so

Ads are killing the game

Aye it passes the time

Shii coo next update add something after 10x

Love it

Dope game, need more bikes though!


Tooo many ads

Need more improvement and customization

The game is fun overall needs these things added to the game 1.more unlockable dirt bikes cool down 3.turn music off and leave dirt bike sounds 4.let us choose tricks 5.Maps I believe if these are added the game would be greater than ever.


Y’all gotta keep it going the game is fire get some different bikes to earn and change up the scenery give boards and levels then this game would be super dope... keep the graphix tho the make the games what it is

to many ads

way to many ads and i find myself raging because the bike will drive its self and i will have to restart and watch a ad just horrable don’t down load


It’s a ad every time you wipe out

Best wheelie boul

This game dumb tuff stupid!!!!!!


Good game


This is the worst game I have ever played on a iPhone who wants to watch adds every 15 second don’t get this game it’s bad

Good game

I’m better in real life but good game play fun

Different Riders And Bikes

I love the games to the max but you should different riders and different bikes


Too many ads

its cool

the concept is fun but no customization or bikes you can unlock. maybe make where you could do challenges to unlock things. other than that its fun.


This game is racist you only get the black person and never get a white person


Way too many ads. 👎

Cool game

It’s cool but I don’t see the point of it But I really like it


Can’t upgrade the bike or the rider no point to keep playing

pretty dece

i mean it’s a free game, you’ll have ads. it’s a pretty dope game. definitely needs character and bike customization. that would make the game pure gold.

Add scam

You spend more time watching adds then playing the game!

It is awesome

I made it to 13x and I don’t need data

It’s OKAY.

Need more bikes & WAY TOO MANY ADS

It’s ight

The game is good overall but the ads need to slow down a bit, after every fail an ad pops up, need more bikes and be able to turn off the music but not the sounds of the bike

Who ever came up with this


I love this game!!!

Please upgrade with more bikes!! Street bikes not scooters!!!🤣🤣🤣

Wheelie game

The best

Bike updates

Need to put more bikes in the game . It gets boring riding on one bike .... upgrades we needed

Need more bikes and maps

Needs more maps and more bikes. Getting bored of the same thing.

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